Student Loan Management

Click on the image above to view this Proactive Wealth video In this Proactive Wealth Education episode Carter Davis and Anita Algunos of Hope Credit educate us about student loan forgiveness and repayment plans. Yes... there is Hope. If you have more questions for Carter and Anita at Hope Credit you can reach out to [...]

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What Should I Know Before Starting a Business?

Join us for an interview with successful entrepreneur Lee Anne Abraham, President of Premierhire in Carlsbad California. Leeanne shares what you need to know before starting a business. We also cover what you should do if you are thinking of getting back into the workforce, working with a spouse and managing work life balance. You [...]

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Interview with Rebecca Ealy, Certified Mortgage Planner and Living Donor

We had the honor of interviewing Rebecca Ealy. A Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, dynamic woman and more importantly an amazing human being. Rebecca is a big advocate for "Living Donor", an incredible way to give the ultimate gift and save a life. We talk about: Her experience donating one of her kidneys 12:01 Empty Nester [...]

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Working While Collecting Social Security Benefits

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How to Vet Investments

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401k Catch Up Contributions

Watch the Video by Clicking on the image above. #SavvyUp

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