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In this episode, Gita Nassiri, CPA, JD, MBT and Catherine Magaña, CFP® discuss Estate Planning for 2022 and some changes that have occurred.

So if you want to prepare your estate for your heirs, understand the new gifting and estate tax exclusions, and ensure your estate does not go into probate so you can have peace of mind, tune in now!

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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Estate Planning Tips For 2022
  • Gift and Estate Federal Tax Exemption Updates
  • Annual Gift Tax Exclusions
  • Step Up in Basis for Assets
  • Importance of Titling
  • Beneficiary Designations
  • A Misconception of Estate Planning
  • What Can Occur If There Is Not a Will in Place
  • Proposition 19

About Gita Nassiri

Gita Nassiri, CPA, JD, MBT is an expert in Estate Planning whose accomplishments include:
Practicing since 1994

  • Graduated with her law degree from Whittier College
  • Master’s degree in business taxation with honors from USC
  • Active member in California Bar Association Trusts and Estates Section.
  • Fluent in French and Spanish

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