What is a REIT?

The Savvy Minute: What is a REIT? Today's tip will cover "What is a Real Estate Investment Trust?" To watch this video click on the image above.

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Financial Planner vs Financial Advisor

To view the video click on the image above or the following link

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Investing in Stocks

Today’s financial planning tip is Investing in Stocks. If you would like to watch the video click on the image above. Turn on the TV nowadays, or surf the Internet, and you’re certain to run into someone talking about making a fortune from owning one specific stock or another.  Even the 6 o’clock news generally [...]

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Why Invest with a Financial Advisor. Reason #1

Since 1986, when I started as a financial advisor, I have heard many people say they don’t really need an advisor, or they don’t think the money they might pay an advisor is worth the cost. Well one of the reasons we believe that most people should use a financial advisor is investor performance. A [...]

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