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January 2022 Stock Market Update

 Click on the image above to watch this video. Stock Market Update 01/05/2022 In this stock market update, Steve Wolff (Managing Partner at WWM Financial) discusses what has occurred in December. He discusses Jerome Powell and the Fed’s stance on interest rates, Covid and its variants and how the market has reacted. He also [...]

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Stock Market Update 8/4/2021

 Click on the video above to watch August's Market Update. Stock Market Update 8/4/2021 In this informative yet brief market update, Steve Wolff discusses amazing stock earnings, the Delta Variant and mortgage rates. Transcript below: This is Steve Wolff, and we're going to talk a little bit about what happened in July of 2021, [...]

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Stock Market Update 7/6/2021

 Click on the image above to watch this podcast episode. Market Update: 7/9/2021 Transcription below: There's been a lot of good news in the last month. With COVID cases declining, there are more people getting vaccinated, there has been a lot of re-openings in the economy and the earnings have been good as well. [...]

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Podcast E.3. Oil Feuds & COVID-19

Click on the image above to view the video recording of podcast Episode 3. The Corona Virus grows exponentially, oil feuds fuel the fire and markets free fall. The Advisers at WWM Financial share their thoughts. You can find more episodes of the WWM Financial Podcast at  

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