“Hello, Good Buy” – Certified Financial Poet

“Hello, Good Buy” – Certified Financial Poet

Certified Financial Poetry

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Hello, Good Buy

By Steve Wolff


The market goes down and you start to cry,

Hey don’t cha know it creates a good buy?

You liked it much higher and now it has fallen,

So strap on your boots and stop all your bawlin’.


The best time to buy is when stocks get too cheap,

This isn’t brain science, it’s not a great leap.

Which do you like, eighteen or eight?

For me I like lower, it’s the discounted rate.


Yet time after time the response is the same,

“My stocks are all falling, get me out of this game”,

It’s time to think different, your thoughts must be clear,

It’s brains over hearts, to get over the fear.


Ok, I know, there are times you should sell,

But those times should always be thought out well.

Using logic not fear, is the way it should be,

Grey matter, after all, is truly the key


With respect to the Beatles and their song long ago,

They said, “you say high,” and then “I say low,”

You follow with “why?” and I say, “you should know,”

Buy lower is how you make the most dough.


You’ve finally grasped it, you’re seeing the light,

The lesson, buy low, is getting it right,

I look in your eyes with my face all aglow,

As you say good buy, and I say hello.


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Steve Wolff is a Financial Advisor and Managing Partner at WWM Financial in Carlsbad California.

He can be reached at 760-692-5190


Poetry & Emotion

Poetry & Emotion


This is the inaugural episode of our “Certified Financial Poetry” series.

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Poetry and Emotion

by Steve Wolff

What a difference a week can make,
With the market’s give and the market’s take,
Last week investors were all in a tizzy,
Market volatility made them Maalox dizzy.
Down 3, down 6, down 10 percent, wow!
Is this the big break of the index called Dow?

A feeling crept in, it felt somewhat manic,
As we sat on the edge of a slight bit of panic,
Should I buy?, should I sell? What should I do?
It seems all my stocks have contracted the flu.

But here we are now, just 7 days hence,
We’ve made back some dollars and most of our cents,
Emotions can take us in all sorts of directions,
Especially when it comes to unfriendly corrections.

I’m reminded of wisdom by Alfred E. Newman,
From Mad Magazine, he shines a bright lumen,
When adrenaline pumps through your body so strong
The decisions you make will most likely be wrong,
So always stay calm and don’t be in a hurry,
And as Alfred once stated, “What, me worry?”

Steve Wolff is a Financial Advisor and Managing Partner at WWM Financial in Carlsbad California.

He can be reached at 760-692-5190