In this installment of WWM Talks, we unravel the intricacies of markets, address pressing concerns, and unveil invaluable tips for seasoned investors and beginners alike. Tune in as we discuss the rising topic of bonds and why timing the market is so tricky.

Join us as Steve reveals a common retirement mistake that could potentially jeopardize your nest egg, providing essential insights for safeguarding your financial future. Vince passionately underscores the transformative power of technology, painting a compelling vision of the investment landscape shaped by innovation.

Catherine shares the recent changes in IRS retirement plan contribution limits, arming yourself with knowledge that empowers your financial decisions.

Greg discusses how we are influenced by the realities of a tumultuous world. Discover how these events trigger short-term thinking among investors and learn from our experts as they guide you towards rational, level-headed decision-making.

Tune in now and equip yourself with the wisdom to navigate the financial landscape with confidence!

Episode recorded 11/3/2023

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