Decrypting the Investment Industry Puzzle

Decrypting the Investment Industry Puzzle By Scott McClatchey, CFP® Confused by all the industry jargon many financial professionals like to use?  You’re not alone.  Equity, fiduciary, wirehouse, robo-advisors, fixed income, and ETF’s are but a few words which may be confusing if you’re not familiar with this industry.  In this article, I’ll hopefully give you [...]

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Top 20 Financial Planning Hacks, Tips 1-5

Click on the image above to view tips 1-5 of this webinar series. FREE Financial Planning Webinar Series Insider tips from a seasoned CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional Actionable information and guidelines to get/keep your finances on track Easy to understand explanations with evidence-based supporting materials Have you ever wondered whether you’re on the right track [...]

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What Do You Do With Your Old 401k When You Leave a Company?

Click on the image above to view this Savvy Minute video. In this video Catherine explains what you can do with your 401k when you leave a company. Want to Accomplish More With Your Money? Click on the link below to get your FREE Money 101 video. savvyupnow.com/money101 Catherine Magaña is a CFP® or CERTIFIED [...]

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Will The Trump Trade War Sink The Stock Market?

Will The Trump Trade War Sink The Stock Market? So here’s an understatement…there is some real volatility affecting the stock market these days. In the last couple of months, the broader stock market is down around 12 or 13 percent from the highs. And from the beginning of the year the markets are down around [...]

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Forget Johny Rivers, Just make a plan Stan

Certified Financial Poetry v.3 This is Steve Wolff, the Certified Financial Poet. I heard this great little kids song called, “Planning Ahead” by the Lolliwinks. Ok, so my taste in music is a little unorthodox, but hey, so is financial poetry. But the song gave me the idea for today’s poetic masterpiece titled:   Forget [...]

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personal loan lexington ky We are excited to tell you that we are relocating our office on July 24, 2015. We will be closing at 1:00pm PT for the move. We will re-open on Monday July 27, 2015 @ 6:30am PT in our new location. Please see new address below. Phone numbers and email address [...]

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