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“State of the Union”

by Steve Wolff
Certified Financial Poet

The U.S. economy has recently awoke,

It’s not just a matter of mirrors and smoke.

Unemployment is now at a mere 3.8,

That’s a low percent one can’t berate.

Inflation is on a slight upward trend,

Which means interest rates will likely ascend

But rates are still historically low,

So unless they go skyrocketing, the economy should grow.

In the last 18 months, the market’s a beast

While jobless claims have been decreased

Taxes are down, regulations erased

economic good news is really broad based

Of course there are always issues to fear

This time it’s a trade war that might be near

Or the country’s differences with politics

Or a 20 trillion dollar debt that can’t be fixed

But one thing I know is always true

No matter what it is, your particular view,

There’s a saying that’s been uttered by many a sage,

That markets don’t die just from old age

It’s death will come when the numbers say so

When that will happen, we really don’t know

Why it will happen is right now a mystery

We’ll only know why through the lens of history

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for what might go wrong

When the market might sing like a sad country song

But at present our bias is slightly upbeat

For now we’re ok with the corporate balance sheet

Steve Wolff is a Managing Partner at WWM Financial in Carlsbad California. Steve can be reached at 760-692-5190 or