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Interview with Leeanne Abraham, President of Premierhire

Join us for an interview with successful entrepreneur Leeanne Abraham, President of Premierhire in Carlsbad California.

Leeanne shares what you need to know before starting a business.

We also cover 6:10 What you should do if you are thinking of getting back into the workforce, working with a spouse and managing work life balance.

You can reach Leeanne at 760-579-0248, or learn more about Premierehire at

Catherine Magaña is a CFP® or CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM and Managing Partner at Savvy Women Wealth Management in Carlsbad California.

We run a Savvy Women Wealth Practice in Carlsbad, California offering financial planning and investment advice. Most of our clients are fun, engaging women who are driven to succeed both personally and professionally. They have spent most of their lives focusing on others and realize they must take more responsibility in their financial future. They don’t want to simply be told what to do they want to learn, become more engaged and accountable for their financial future.

If you would like to set up a free 30 minute financial assessment she can be reached at 760-692-5700, for private message or click on the following link to contact us directly .