By Vincent Stefano
May 8, 2014
Since the beginning of March investors have sold small-mid capitalization growth stocks and deployed that investment capital into more value-oriented larger capitalization ones. As a result, over this same period smaller stock indices like the Russell Growth and NASDAQ have significantly underperformed the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 Index. This rotation and change in psychology has negatively impacted the companies in our New Innovations Portfolio. The majority of stocks in our portfolio continue to develop cutting edge products and services. These stocks continue to show year over year gains in top-line revenue and, the majorities have increased forward revenue guidance. However, as they deploy corporate capital to increase market share overall profitability continues to be pushed forward. This lack of positive earnings per share has resulted in higher valuations currently being shunned by investors.As difficult as this period may seem to small-cap investors, experience has taught us it is critical to remain committed to your investment philosophy and process. This means continuing to focus on and invest in rapidly growing companies with disruptive technologies, products or services. As we have seen over the years, well run companies with robust product offerings and dynamic management teams possess the ability, over a period of time, to generate outsized returns.During periods of stock market rotation sectors and styles can rapidly move in and out of favor. As you recall, the investment process dictates that as stocks break pre-determined levels, stop-losses are initiated and those stocks are sold. In addition, during unfavorable periods like we are witnessing, risk management controls are employed. This means raising additional cash to mute volatility and protect investor capital. Being cautious provides us with an opportunity to buy at more attractive levels and take advantage of our longer term investment horizons.

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