Behavioral psychology has more to do with how a person fares in the stock market (and all other markets) than actually how well the investment itself does. Study after study confirms that investors, as a whole, do significantly worse than the investments.


Come find out the science behind why the general investing public makes the same mistakes over and over again, and find out how to create new pathways in the brain to overcome making those same very human mistakes.

We are proud to present Dr. David Weule, an expert at Neuro Linguistic Programming, who will delve into the scientific reasons for our self destructive behavior. The event will take place at 6:30 p.m. Thursday June 12th at Shadowridge Country Club in Vista. We will be serving fruit, cheese and wine in addition to desserts and coffee.

We think this is one of the most important events we have showcased up to now. It is part of our ongoing educational “Proactive Wealth Process” for our clients so they can become the best, and hopefully most educated investors they can be.

Please RSVP to Kerry Harmon at or call us at 760-692-5190.

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