If you would like to watch the video of Steve’s reading of this poem you can click on the image above or the following link. https://youtu.be/tioccVNXI5s

I heard this great little kids song called, “Planning Ahead” by the Lolliwinks.

Ok, so my taste in music is a little unorthodox, but hey, so is financial poetry. But the song gave me the idea for today’s poetic masterpiece titled:

Forget Johnny Rivers,

Just make a plan Stan

Retirement planning is just so boring,

There are other things you could do

Facebook, shopping, golf, TV

Just to name a few.


For some, playing cards is lots of fun,

A lot of people play bridge

But make a plan for the rest of your life?

You spend more time staring into the fridge.


A financial plan for your retirement years?

You devote more time planning vacations

But a plan to make sure you don’t go broke,

You’d prefer surgical heart ablations.


You spend more time watching infomercials,

Than planning the rest of your life.

It’s obviously more important,

To get Snuggies, a Bowflex and a Ginzu knife.


Having money to cover your lifespan?

Your thought is you’ll just play the lottery,

Of course, if that scheme doesn’t work,

It’s your choice to live life in poverty.


Take time to think hard on your future,

You’re probably going to be ‘round

Don’t listen to old Johnny Rivers,

And end up on the poor side of town.


Course there’s always another solution,

So your finances won’t fall apart,

You can always make your ends meet,

As a greeter at your local Walmart.

In the case you wanted to hear the song by the Lolliwinks that inspired me I have provided the following link for your enjoyment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrgxtdTEt2Y

Steve Wolff is a Managing Partner at WWM Financial in Carlsbad California. Steve can be reached at 760-692-5190 or Steve@WWMFinancial.com.

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