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Certified Financial Poetry

Since taxes are on our minds because Tuesday is the deadline for getting your income tax filed and since the stock market has been jostled around due to talk and tweets about tariffs these days, I am reminded of the outcome of one country’s undertaking dealing with this subject…

Today’s Certified Financial Poem is titled…

Tariffs, Taxes and War

By Steve Wolff – The Certified Financial Poet

Tariffs are nothing new,
Here’s a history lesson for you.
The American Revolution was fought,
Due to taxes the British brought.

In 1765,
the Stamp Act was derived.
And with that law set in stone,
The seeds of revolution had grown.

Taxes supporting Brits’ forces?
Their guns and ammo and horses?
From Boston to Philly they said,
These guys are nuts in the head.

Soon the Townshend Act came to be,
Taxing paper, glass, paint and tea.
That was in addition to the Sugar act,
Make no mistake, that’s a fact.

“No way,” the Colonists said,
This feeling, it quickly spread.
“These taxes are an abomination,
And we have no representation.”

But it was the Tea Act of ’73,
that was truly the real key.
The Colonies said, “No more,”
And hatched a plan from the Eastern Shore.

Let’s disguise ourselves at night,
We’re ready for an all out fight.
Board their ships and cause commotion,
Then throw their tea out in the ocean.

The Brits reacted with scurrilous rage,
But the Colonists mood they poorly gauged.
They passed the Coercive Acts bill of ’74.
And set the wheels in motion for the revolutionary war.

The act said no more governing yourselves,
Put that idea back on your shelves.
Hey Boston, your now part of the Crown,
And seriously, we don’t care if you drown.

“IT’S WAR,” said the Bostonian in its largest font
And we’re ready to fight if that’s what they want.
Your tariffs and laws, we know we don’t need ‘em.
It’s now time now for us to fight for our freedom.

Newton said that for every single action,
There’s an opposite and equal counter reaction.
That’s why a tariff can be a sticky thing,
Cause you never know what the outcome will bring.

By the way, there’s a fun song about this topic that I found called “The Boston Tea Party Song” that’s a parody of the Pharrell Williams song called “Happy.”
Here’s the link….

I hope you enjoyed today’s poem and will share it with others.

You can find more of my Certified Financial Poetry by going to

And remember poetry fans, “Always take the road less travelled.”

Steve Wolff is a Financial Advisor and Managing Partner at WWM Financial in Carlsbad California. Steve can be reached at 760-692-5190 or


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