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Investing in the Tech Era

 Click on the image above to watch the podcast. In this episode: Steve Wolff discusses how excided he is about the investing opportunities in this techno-digital revolution. Full transcription below: Steve Wolff: Hello everyone, this is Steve Wolff with another edition of Steve's Stock Stories. I'm here with my cohort, producer and friend Joscelin [...]

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Stock Market Update 7/6/2021

 Click on the image above to watch this podcast episode. Market Update: 7/9/2021 Transcription below: There's been a lot of good news in the last month. With COVID cases declining, there are more people getting vaccinated, there has been a lot of re-openings in the economy and the earnings have been good as well. [...]

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Sustainable Investing Becoming Mainstream

Sustainable Investing Becoming Mainstream By Scott McClatchey, CFP®   Doesn’t it seem like every advertisement or press release includes the word “sustainable” these days?  Everyone is bragging about reducing their carbon footprint or converting to renewable energy sources.  It reminds me of the late 1990’s when companies wanted to add “dotcom” to their name, whether [...]

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